Pruning Workshops

    Nothing beats hands-on experience to learn how to prune shrubs.  Schedule your personal pruning coach, Carol Chernega, for an informative workshop that emphasizes an easy-to-remember method of shrub pruning.  Workshops run from two hours to a full day, depending on the number of participants. Workshop fees start at $250 plus expenses.

Here's what former students said: 

    "Really enjoyed the hands-on experience"

    "Carol did an excellent job.  She covered a lot of material and had excellent slides, she knows her material and presented it in a relaxed atmosphere."

Contact us when:

bulletYou need a practical seminar for your garden conference
bulletYou want an easy-to-understand approach to pruning
bulletYou want fewer complaints and more compliments on the work your maintenance crew does.  On-site workshops help your workers learn exactly how to prune the shrubs you're in charge of maintaining.

Or get a private pruning lesson with our pruning DVD