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   "I cannot call them gifts; but they are things that I have valued very much."  Harriet Smith in Emma.

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    Anyone can put "I Love Jane Austen" on a mug and sell it.  In fact, hundreds of web sites do! 

   What makes our Jane Austen gifts different?  Ours is the only U.S. web site that sells official Jane Austen gifts, imported directly from the gift shop at Jane Austen's House Museum (also known as Chawton Cottage, photo left.)  We are the exclusive U.S. distributor for this line of Jane Austen gifts.  So you're supporting Chawton Cottage, the house where Jane Austen lived the last eight years of her life, by buying from us.   Read more about why we sell Jane Austen gifts....

    When you want authentic Jane Austen gifts, come to One Garden at a Time!  The discriminating Jane Austen fan will love our gifts.

    This beautiful range of gifts was inspired by photographs taken by Chawton's gardener, Celia Simpson.  Featuring botanical illustrations drawn from Celia's photos, plus a sepia-toned image of Jane Austen's House, many of the gifts also depict the classic sketch of Jane Austen drawn by her beloved sister Cassandra.

    Indulge in your passion for all things Jane with this lovely line of stationery, greeting cards, and postcards all in the signature 'Jane Austen's Garden' style. 

     Read Celia's "Garden Notes from Jane Austen's House" - available only on our web site:  click here