English Garden Design

    Does your idea of an English garden surround a country cottage like Elinor and Marianne's in Sense and Sensibility?  Or is it more like a grand manor house like Mr. Darcy's Pemberley?  Whichever it is, you can create your own English garden by starting with these basic principles:


Create a focal point to draw the eye to a special part of your garden.


Use typical English plants.  Roses are essential, but also try traditional perennials like Hollyhocks, Foxglove, and Columbine and charming annuals like sweet peas.


Create an intimate seating area by framing a bench with a climbing vine like Clematis or Wisteria.

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Our booklet presents the elements of English style, plus lists of typical English plants.  The 24 page booklet is packed with dozens of tips like this one:


    "Nothing says 'Come into my garden' like an archway.  It not only defines the entrance to the garden, but the style of the archway can establish the style of the garden ..."

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