Plant bulbs for early spring flowers

    The biggest mistake we see people make with bulbs is this: they don't plant enough!  We can tell you how many and what kind of bulbs to order.  We order bulbs in July and deliver them to you in October.  Then you plant them or we'll plant them for you.  Either way, you'll have a car-stopping display of bulbs in the spring! (Photo:  English Bluebells at Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, London; click on image for larger view)

Garden tip: Did you know Daffodils are poisonous?  This is why deer and other critters don't eat them.  If you have a severe deer problem, plant Daffodils.

    Other deer-resistant bulbs include Allium, crocus, snowdrops, Dutch iris, and hyacinths.

    Why order bulbs from us?


bulletWhen you want to try something beyond the usual daffodils
bulletWhen you want the convenience of ordering all your bulbs from one place
bulletWhen you know you won't do it on your own!

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